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About the Project

Barclays and Unreasonable Impact, and in participation and the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV), wanted to profile Travis Green’s prosthetics startup, Stump Armor. Travis lost both legs from combat wounds while deployed as a Marine in Afghanistan. As a dad to five young girls, an avid martial artist, and who loved the outdoors, Travis needed a way to maintain mobility beyond just walking upright. He put his mechanical skills to work as his test subject. In his garage, Travis invented an early prototype of Stump Armour, a multipurpose foot design.

Along the way, he met Samantha Snabes, NASA scientist and co-founder of re:3D. She invented a mid-sized 3D printer geared towards individuals and community businesses. Last winter, she kickstarted his business by printing a batch for his local veterans' hospital. Since then, he’s honed the design and is hard at work training other veterans on how to reclaim movement using Stump Armour.

End-to-end production and post-production.

Unreasonable Impact

Stump Armor - Prosthetics for Veteran Amputees of all Wars.


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