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Empower Your Creative Vision, Protect Your Assets, Innovate with MixiP

Transforming Creative Collaboration for Brands and Ad Agencies



MixiP is transforming the creative landscape for Brands and Ad Agencies by seamlessly integrating advanced IP management, global production capabilities, and advanced content distribution tools, ushering in a new era of digital creativity.


MixiP opens doors to a global network of creatives and offers a comprehensive suite of production services that transcend borders, ensuring your brand's message reaches audiences worldwide.

Unlock Global


  • Access to over 20,000 vetted, global professionals ready to bring your creative visions to life.

  • Full-service production, including video, series, and marketing content, for impactful campaigns.

  • Streamlined project management, from concept to completion, saving you time and resources.


MixiP leverages blockchain technology to guarantee the security and rightful compensation of your creative works, providing you with peace of mind your media assets are protected at all times.

  • Blockchain-based asset IDs embedded into IPTC standards, ensuring ironclad IP tracking and protection.

  • Comprehensive management of derivative works and licensing, simplifying the legal side of content distribution.

  • Facilitates remixing and monetization opportunities, allowing you to maximize the value of your content in AI and AdTech campaigns.

Safeguard Your

Creative Assets


Maximize Reach,

Optimize Results

MixiP equips you with powerful tools for broad content distribution and in-depth analytics, enabling you to amplify your brand message and refine your media strategies based on audience engagement insights.

  • Syndication suite with detailed analytics for cross-platform content distribution, ensuring your message is where your audience is.

  • Advanced computer vision tagging for efficient asset management, enhancing content organization.

  • Tailored storytelling and compliance support for global reach and advertising effectiveness.



  • Unlock Global Talent: Connect with a vast network of professionals from around the world to create impactful campaigns.

  • Secure Your Creativity: Ensure your creative assets are protected with blockchain-based IP management and licensing.

  • Maximize Advertising Impact: Leverage advanced content distribution and analytics tools to refine your syndication strategies.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Seamlessly manage projects and collaborate with creatives on a global scale.

  • Future-Ready Technology: Stay at the forefront of technology trends in the media industry with MixiP.

Join MixiP today to redefine your brand's

creative journey and elevate your media

campaigns to new heights.

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