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MixiP Technology Stack


Together, we create, innovate, and inspire.

We're driving the future of creative content management, production, and syndication.


Our technology empowers creators, streamlines workflows, protects intellectual property, and drives new revenue opportunities for the entire media and entertainment industry, all while harnessing the power of global collaboration.

Blockchain for Intellectual Property Management

  • Decentralized Asset Management: Utilizing blockchain, we ensure every digital asset is securely managed with immutable licensing and royalty agreements.

  • Smart Contracts: Our smart contracts automate and enforce licensing agreements and professional services agreements, ensuring creators are fairly compensated, IP protected, and …

  • Asset IDs: Each piece of content uploaded to MixiP receives a unique blockchain-based ID, guaranteeing provenance and traceability throughout its’ entire lifecycle.

Global Production Network

  • Cloud-based Collaboration Tools: Seamless project management across borders, connecting clients with a global network of over 20,000 professionals.

  • P2P File Transfer: Advanced peer-to-peer technology allows for unlimited file size transfers, ensuring high-quality content delivery without compromise.

  • KYC Verification: A Know Your Customer (KYC) system ensures all network participants are verified, enhancing trust and security.

Advanced Content Distribution & Analytics


Meet the Founders

  • Content Syndication Suite: Our platform enables content to be distributed widely and efficiently across various digital channels: Platform Users, Social Media, Third-parties, AI and AdTech platforms.

  • Data Analytics: Sophisticated analytics tools provide insights into content performance, helping creators and brands make data-driven decisions.

  • AI-Driven Tagging: Leveraging AI for asset tagging and management, enhancing searchability and organization of content.

User Interface and Experience

We are media and entertainment industry veterans from the legal, technology, and production worlds who came together to find a way to make producing films, series, shows, marketing content, and events across the globe — actually easy.

We've been at the forefront of legal, payment, contractual, and media project management for the last two decades. We have lived and breathed the challenges and opportunities creatives, brands, and agencies have experienced working on every continent.

We built MixiP to build streamlined, user-friendly technology solutions for everyone in our industry.

And we built MixiP to unlock the value across multiple media revenue streams for everyone in the industry by tackling contractual, payment, and production management issues that continue to plague working in the creative industry.

We built MixiP to hold everyone who uses or creates visual content accountable for protecting individuals' rights and bringing transparency and speed to contract management, media rights, royalties, and payments.

Everyone in the media should be able to stop worrying about the business and legal issues that slow us down. And know that when we do a job, we'll be protected contractually, insured, receive timely payment for our services, and be able to do the most important thing - be creative. Period.

With love,


  • Intuitive Design: A user-friendly interface that simplifies complex processes, from content creation, rights management, contracts, and payments.

  • Customizable Dashboards: Personalized dashboards provide at-a-glance insights and easy access to key functionalities.

Security and Compliance

  • End-to-End Encryption: HIPPA and Sox encryption protocols protect sensitive media transfers and communications within the platform.

  • Compliance Standards: Adherence to international legal standards, ensuring operations across countries are compliant and secure.

Integration with AI and AdTech Platforms

  • API Access: Our open APIs allow seamless integration with AI models and AdTech platforms, unlocking new monetization avenues for licensable content.

  • Interoperability: Designed for compatibility with a range of third-party tools and platforms, enhancing flexibility and reach.

Continuous Innovation

Our Commitment

  • LinkedIn

CEO/ Co-founder/ Transterra Media 10y+ Production and Content Marketplace connecting 20,000+ Filmmakers, Photographers, and Journalists with 3,000 Brand and Publishing clients in 150 countries.
Co-founder Global Nomads Group - educational broadcasting NGO.
Led the organization for 9 years, conducting live broadcasts and documentary productions for United Nations, CNN, ABC, and PBS from over 40 countries.



  • LinkedIn

Award-winning entrepreneur, producer, and fintech expert. Founder of "The Uliverse" - w/ 16y +, running production, payments, and multi-media campaigns globally for brands such as Coca-Cola, Cerveza Modelo, AB, DIAGEO, Adidas, Reebok, and Airbnb. Built the largest influencer and content creator network in the world - 20k+ across 123 countries w/ a strong background as a CEO, Producer, Blockchain consultant, and multimedia creative.



  • LinkedIn

Successful social entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in management and award winning project development globally. Developed, funded, and managed over 20 major development and IT projects on 4 continents. White House Presidential Innovation Fellow/Singularity University Impact Fellow. Specializations: fin-tech, storytelling, IoT, hybrid finance, customer experience, crowd-based technology, innovation, social venture.



  • LinkedIn

Bill is the Founder and CEO of Moby, a partner and advisor to Defied. He is a serial entrepreneur, tech executive and VC. He was the Founder of Scayl and an inventor of P2P Email. Bill was GP of Timberline Ventures, a $60 million size early stage Draper Fisher Jurvetson affiliate fund with $400 M in exits and other notable companies such as Docutouch that led to Docusign. Early work at Cray and HP. Bill has a Reed BA, MS Stanford Engineering, and Harvard MBA.



  • LinkedIn

Global entrepreneur, venture builder, and investor, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, FORBES Council, Advisory Council - Harvard Business Review. 

Diallo co-founded multiple portfolio companies under the United+ umbrella including; Infiniti Financial Services, a provider of fintech solutions that supports financial inclusion in Africa; and United Health Solutions, that prevents malaria and diabetes using AI and Big Data.



MixiP is committed to leveraging technology to empower creators and redefine the landscape of digital media. With our comprehensive tech stack, we're not just a platform; we're a partner in your creative journey.

  • R&D Focus: Ongoing research and development ensure that MixiP stays at the forefront of technology trends in the creative, blockchain, payments, and AI industries.

  • Community Feedback: We actively incorporate user feedback into our tech development, aligning our innovations with the needs of our community.

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