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Solutions for Creatives, Journalists, and Studios

We're dedicated to empowering professional creatives, journalists, production houses, and studios with tools and services that unleash their full potential. Our platform addresses the specific needs of these professionals, ensuring their creative and operational endeavors are supported, protected, and amplified.


Empowering Your Vision and Voice

MixiP is committed to being the ultimate partner for creatives, journalists, production houses, and studios. We understand the challenges and aspirations unique to your work. Our platform is designed to provide the tools, security, and global reach you need to succeed in the ever-changing world of digital media.

Embrace the full potential of your creativity and expertise with MixiP. Join our community and redefine the boundaries of your professional achievements.


For Professional Creatives and Studios: Access a worldwide network of collaborators and projects. Whether you're looking to join exciting productions or seeking the right talent for your own, MixiP connects you to opportunities globally.

For Journalists: Find and connect with sources, collaborators, and production support no matter where your story takes you. Our network ensures you have access to the resources you need, on-demand.

Connect and
Collaborate Globally

  • Global Talent and Project Database

  • Collaboration Tools for Remote Production

  • Access to Diverse Creative Opportunities


For AI Users: Benefit from MixiP's robust IP rights management system. Protect your content with blockchain-based security, manage licensing and professional services agreements, and ensure your rights are always safeguarded.

For Production Houses & Studios: Maintain control over your content's lifecycle, from concept to distribution. Our platform facilitates the management of rights, even in complex collaborative projects.

  • Blockchain-secured IP Management

  • Transparent Licensing and Rights Control

  • Real-time Asset Tracking and Management

Secure Your

Creative Work


Distribute and Analyze

with Precision

For Professional Creators and Journalists: Share your content with wider audiences through our syndication suite. Leverage detailed analytics to gauge impact and refine your future projects.

For Production Houses and Studios: Utilize our analytics to understand audience preferences and trends, helping you make data-driven decisions for current and future projects.

  • Multi-platform Syndication

  • In-depth Content Performance Analytics

  • AI-Powered Content Tagging and Management

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